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The Police - Remastered Studio Discography 1978-1983 [FLAC]

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The Police - Remastered Studio Discography 1978-1983 [FLAC]

Nominally, the Police were punk rock, but that's only in the loosest sense of the term. The trio's
nervous, reggae-injected pop/rock was punky, but it wasn't necessarily punk. All three members were
considerably more technically proficient than the average punk or new wave band. Andy Summers had a
precise guitar attack that created dense, interlocking waves of sounds and effects. Stewart Copeland
could play polyrhythms effortlessly. And Sting, with his high, keening voice, was capable of
constructing infectiously catchy pop songs. While they weren't punk, the Police certainly
demonstrated that the punk spirit could have a future in pop music. As their career progressed, the
Police grew considerably more adventurous, experimenting with jazz and various world musics. All the
while, the band's tight delivery and mastery of the pop single kept their audience increasing, and
by 1983, they were the most popular rock & roll band in the world. Though they were at the
height of their fame, internal tensions caused the band to splinter apart in 1984, with Sting
picking up the majority of the band's audience to become an international superstar.

1978 - Outlandos d'Amour [2003 Remaster]
1979 - Reggatta de Blanc [2003 Remaster]
1980 - Zenyatta Mondatta [2003 Remaster]
1981 - Ghost in the Machine [2003 Remaster]
1983 - Synchronicity [2003 Remaster]

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